Network For Human And Social Development (NHSD)

Mission: Our mission is the mitigation of Disaster risk, Alleviation of Poverty, Empowering of vulnerable women and Children and Contributing to the Health and Education of the remote villages cut off from the civilization.


On 8th Oct 2005 a massive earthquake hit Pakistan, resulting in a loss of 86,000 precious lives, leaving 69,000 injured and 2.8 Million displaced.  The earthquake resulted in mass inflow of refugees from various affected areas all over Pakistan. These refugees had lost their properties, loved ones and means of sustainable livelihood. Camps had been set up at the time all over Pakistan. One of those camps setup in Islamabad called CDA Tinted Village was established by an entity that would later register itself under the name of NHSD. NHSD provided rehab and college education in their camp for one year. Roots of most of the problems lie in political structure and social fabric which discriminate marginalized sections of society; including poor, women, children, rural population etc. change to poverty, illiteracy and ignorance thus leading to an inability to provide in times of need.

Goals and Thematic Areas:

NHSD is a registered national NGO with ICT Islamabad Pakistan, working in the thematic areas of Disaster Risk Reduction, Health, Education, Women Empowerment, Water and Sanitation, Hunger and empowerment of vulnerable communities working for vulnerability reduction of communities and the institutions in Pakistan.

Since inception in 2005, the NGO has worked with 43 national and International NGOs including; Malteser International, Merlin International, SGAFP-USAID, Comic etc. to help the country achieve the previously mentioned Sustainable Development Goals. We focus on capacity building, social mobilization, and empowerment of organizations and communities for the betterment of Pakistan.

It is a non‐profit institution in Pakistan for building capacity of the institutions/communities according to national and international standard to bring together local and international practitioners, professional and researcher of diverse background to pool their expertise and experience in response to high demand for 21st century.

NHSD is also a training centre, with an accompanying careers advisory service. It aims to increase the efficiency of humanitarian aid and development programmes through training personnel to act professionally and with commitment. NHSD training expertise focused to support partners on Disaster Risk Management, Environmental Protection & Climate Change, Women Protection/Empowerment, Maternal & Neonatal Care, Health & Hygiene and Water & Sanitation issues through in‐house and community based arrangements.